Katharine is a Life Coach through ENERGY and ART: KICK ASS Energy/ART workshops. Established in 2014, the The Holmfield ART Farm - energy/retreat Centre, is located in Holmfield, Manitoba, Canada. Katharine welcomes all to join her as she helps you become more aware of your energy and what you are choosing for your life, your work, your art.

Workshops can include Qi-Gong exercises, meditation, sound-movement markmaking, work on a collaborative painting, and creating a large individual canvas painting, as well as relaxed discussion.

Library hosts its first live-art exhibitor - RIVER COUNTRY - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA

NEBRASKA CITY – Months after the Nebraska City Creative District released its strategic plan, the city is already experiencing a new wave of input from artists. The Morton-James Public Library has hosted artist receptions at its Kimmel Gallery for 20 years, but is hosting its first live art exhibition through February.

Contemporary artist Katharine Bruce offered to do the live painting in place of the typical artists reception. She has painted live at fundraising events in the past, where you packed up and left after a couple of hours, but this commitment is hours day-after-day over a month’s time.

Bruce: “I would hope that someone would just come in a say ‘what is she doing?’ I would like it just stop them and help them to sort of rethink. You know, what’s going on there.”

Nebraska City Display - Katharine Bruce

Farm Work Day

Here are two short clips of Katharine working in her studio during a summer's farm Work Day.


Farm Work Day - Day 1 Day One

Farm Work Day
Day 1 Day One

Farm Work Day - Day 1 Day Two

Farm Work Day
Day 1 Day Two

Summer Workshops

Workshops (see below) are held during the summer at The Holmfield ART Farm Holmfield Manitoba Canada.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Katharine at

KICK ASS Energy/Art workshops with Katharine Bruce!

For the artist in everyone - How aware are you when creating/working? feelings? movements? markmaking? choices? Do you feel stuck, repetitive, even lazy at times? What influences you and why? Need a little jolt? some new energy? some new ideas for your work?

Everything in this workshop is geared to help you become more aware of your energy, what you are choosing for your life, your work, your art and how to change it if you want to.

We will do some Qi-Gong exercises, meditation, sound-movement markmaking, work on a collaborative painting and create a large individual canvas painting, as well as have some relaxed discussions. Do you dare?

For more information, please contact Katharine at


Dear Katharine,

It’s been a week since I participated in your ‘Kick Ass’ Workshop. Thank you so very much for creating this workshop and for your enthusiasm and sincere interest in each of us! You provided a safe and comfortable ‘space’ for us to learn about and to experiment with our own creativity.

This past week has been a very ‘alive’ week for me: I am noticing things I never noticed before—about how I physically move through my days, how certain mindsets hold me back from living creatively, how what I let in through my ears can affect my actions--and that you really can buy Kick Ass coffee in the supermarket! I feel a new energy and enthusiasm for life and have, on several occasions this week, pushed past my reserve to step outside my ‘comfort zone.’ New ideas seem to be popping into my head several times a day! Two of the exercises you showed us are becoming a part of my daily morning practice and I hope to continue with them for the long-term. I believe that your workshop has launched me onto a path of living more joyfully, more creatively and more fully.

Thanks a million for a great day!

Wendy MacLean Manitoba

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